The Return of the Modern Philosopher

run sweatI’m something of a sweat monster, Modern Philosophers.

There.  I’ve said it.  It’s out in the open.  I can stop hiding it from you.

I think one of the reasons I prefer running outside to doing it at the gym, is because I am so self-conscious at the amount of sweat I generate.

I could fill entire reservoirs with the sweat that my body produces on a 5 mile run.  I’ve often felt the urge to hire a lifeguard to stand nearby just in case someone else at the gym began to drown in all my perspiration.

When I run on the open road, I don’t have to worry about the people on either side of me on the treadmills that are far too close for my liking (and theirs once they catch a whiff of me).  Plus, the fresh air does something to help with the malodorous scents defiling…

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