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The Return of the Modern Philosopher

black bear fishYou know you’re far from the big city in which you were raised, Modern Philosophers, when your inbox at work lights up with an email entitled simply « Bear ».

Our supervisor was making us aware that a black bear had just been roaming around the parking lot, and that the big guy had even stopped to lounger near the picnic tables.

Had she not said it was a black bear, I would have assumed that Yogi Bear had stopped by the office to scope out picnic baskets.

The email went on to advise us that the Game Wardens had been called, and advised us to be careful when walking out to our cars.

As luck would have it, today of all days, I had chosen to leave several pots of honey uncovered inside of Zombie Car.  I was pretty sure I could not only kiss those bad boys goodbye, but also…

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